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Privately-held corporation "TechnoKor", founded in 1997, provides development and manufacture of сapacitive type molecular electrical accumulators, means of pre ignition warm-up and ignition of internal-combustion engine (incl. gas-turbine engine), means of maintenance and repair of machinery.

Quality assurance

Based on many years of experience, the company TechnoKor products guarantees a long service life, high productivity and unparalleled quality. Products are rigorously tested, tested under the most severe climatic conditions and exposed to various chemical and physical influences.

Areas of activity

JSC "TechnoKor" operates in the following areas:

  • research and development of active materials and constructional
  • math modeling
  • designing molecular energy storage devices, and systems based on them
  • development of technological processes
  • R and D full cycle
  • marketing
  • production experienced and serial products
  • warranty maintenance of products in use